Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Whichever term you wish to use we are all aiming for the same result:

“A bespoke, handcrafted or unique item made from another item that was bound for landfill.”

Here at Community Furniture Store we are passionate about reducing waste and giving life to unloved pieces. We aim to save useful items destined for the tip.

Every item that is donated to us is checked for sale, but if we feel it is not suitable for sale straight away we call on our workshop team to work their magic!

After a full makeover we give our projects the opportunity to have a new life and a loving home. What was a broken bed becomes a perfect garden bench or planter; metal fencing becomes shelving units; or even scrap wood turned into a bath board to help us relax at the end of a long day! Not to mention some of the beautiful and skilled upholstery work done by people who started having never handled a staple gun before!

We try to put our creative caps on and get busy to make sure nothing goes to waste and to produce something unique for you.