Your data

We collect personal data such as customer names and addresses to process collections and deliveries and to reclaim Gift Aid on donations if the donor gives their permission.  We also take CCTV images to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the Community Furniture Stores and to ensure that our vans are driven safely.
Community Furniture Stores never sell or pass your data onto other agencies without asking your express permission.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governing the processing, storage and transfer of personal data gives you the right to inquire about your personal data and particularly your rights to:
  • Be informed about what data we hold on you including photos and video material
  • Be allowed access to the personal data and receive confirmation about how this material is being used
  • Be given right to request erasure of all data including the use of photos and/or video material on future versions of published materials.
  • Be given the right to request change of data if held information is incorrect
To request a copy of the data we hold on you please email
For more information about GDPR please visit the Information Commissioner’s website here…