Donating and Buying

Donating to Us
We encourage people to think about how items they no longer want can be re-used rather than thrown away. We welcome donations of furniture, kitchen appliances and other electrical and household items which are suitable for reuse.
We cannot accept damp, water damaged, very worn or dirty items and we also cannot accept any soft furnishings or beds which do not have a safety label indicating compliance with the 1988 Fire Regulations.
Electrical goods must be in working order and  we accept small electrical items, like toasters, kettles and lamps, as well as large kitchen appliances. All items are tested before sale.
Collections are usually free of charge and we can usually collect unwanted items within a week.  Altrnative you can bring your unwanted items to one of our stores.
If you’re a UK taxpayer we can increase the value of your donation through Gift Aid.  There is no cost to you and the extra income allows to us to do more for people in need in the local community.
If you have items you wish to donate please call your nearest store to discuss arrangements.


Donating Paint
If you have small quantities of leftover paint please continue to take these to your Household Waste Recycling Centre.  We are in discussions with YorWaste about collecting paint from the various HWRCs in the county.
We do accept donations of leftover paint from the trade – painters, decorators and retail stores.  There is a small processing charge but this is significantly lower than the cost of disposing of trade waste at the Council facility.  Call your local store for further details.
Please note that we can only accept donations of water based paint products.
Buying from us
We stock a wide range of used furniture, electrical goods and paint at very affordable prices.  Alongside our used furniture we also stock a low cost range of new goods including beds, bedroom furniture, fridges, freezers, washers, driers and gas and electric cookers.
Our stock changes daily so visit your local store to see what is available.   We also update our Facebook pages to show new stock on a weekly basis.
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We operate a dual pricing system on reused goods so that those in most need are able to buy at an even lower price than the general public.  This includes people on Universal Credit, those on means tested benefits and students.   Please bring evidence of your eligibility with you when you visit our store if you wish to claim the discount.
Buying Paint
Our paint stock includes leftover and unwanted paint ranging from line ends from major paint manufacturers and retailers to pre-opened tins.  All paint is tested to ensure it is useable and in good condition before being made available for sale.  Part used tins are priced according to the amount of paint left in the tin, with a basic price of £2 per litre.
We also stock ReColour paint in 5 litre tins.  ReColour is leftover paint that has been treated, filtered and blended to create high quality paint out of what would otherwise have gone to waste.  Recolour is available in 20 colours with a matt or silk finish.  ReColour prices start at £16 for a 5 litre container.