The Community Furniture Stores are a group of three charities which collect furniture for re-use.  The first store opened in York in 1988, with further stores opened in Selby in 2004 and Scarborough in 2015.
The Stores seek donations of furniture, appliances and other household items which are suitable for reuse.  A wide range of items can be purchased from the Stores’ warehouses which are open to everyone.  Over the years, thousands of local households have been helped to furnish their home at low cost.
Each Community Furniture Store has its own workshop to test, repair and upcycle furniture and electrical appliances.  The workshop at the Scarborough store specialises in re-upholstery, and at Selby the workshop creates new garden furniture out of wood that would otherwise go to waste.
The workshops provide training, work experience and wellbeing programmes for people who are long term unemployed or who face particular barriers to employment such as a disability or offending history.  Programmes are designed to suit individual needs and are overseen by suitably qualified staff or volunteers.
This video gives an overview of the work done by the Selby workshop.